Frank Forte, publisher of Asylum Press, has announced the release of a 20-page preview of their newest anthology, Zombie Terrors.

“We’re calling it Zombie Terrors, an Anthology of the Undead,” says Publisher/Creator Frank Forte, “it’s a collection of horrific and fantastic stories featuring everyone’s favorite brain eaters.”

Szymon Kudranski (Spawn) brings you “The Barber,” a tale of the undead and the Mob. In “Creature Converts,” by Canadian storyboard and comic artist Craig Wilson, a cat lady’s feline friends develop a taste for the flesh. In “Feast,” written by Royal McGraw (Batman:Battle for the Cowl, Commissioner Gordon) and illustrated by Adauto Silva, a gangster’s taste for a delicacy becomes his end. In “Hate,” by Doug Williams, a zombie must confront what he’s become. Billy George brings readers “The Undead Templars,” a tale of the blind dead. “Allison,” written by Frank Forte and illustrated by horror master Tim Vigil and colored by Joe Vigil, a lovesick man tries to ressurect his dead lover with horrifying results. “Bond” follows a lone survivor in a zombie holocaust (by Euro guys Bartosz Sztybor and Macie Wodz). “Grmbghraaaaagh!,” by Bartosz Sztybor and Pawel Wojiechowicz, is a tale of zombies trying to escape what they are. “Dead of Night,” by Joie Simmons, is a great B&W tale. David Paleo brings “Rot Clowns,” which is rendered in a great old school brush style. And more. The anthology also includes a special preview of the upcoming voodoo/zombie series Undead Evil, illustrated by Nenad Gucunja.

Shipping this September for the Halloween season, Zombie Terrors is a 152 page anthology of stories based on the undead, featuring writers and artist from all over the world.

Preview can be seen here: Zombie Terrors Preview

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Official site: Zombie Terrors

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