Apex Magazine has returned from a brief six-week hiatus with a new issue. You’ll discover Jennifer Pelland’s short story, “That Has Such People in It” (When you voluntarily walked underground, you had no idea how long you’d be there.), along with Glenn Lewis Gillette’s “She Called Me Sweetie” (My throat clogging. My nose running. My eyes stinging with tears. I track down R in our game room. He’s playing backgammon with O. He rolls his eyes, gaze panning up from the board to me. “What now?”), and a classic reprint from Jeff Carlson … “The Frozen Sky” (The bloody wet glint in her retinas was only a distraction, a useless blur of heads-up data she couldn’t read.).

Plus interviews with Nate Kenyon and J.M. McDermott, and much more.

Catch it all online at: Apex Magazine

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