Apex Magazine has announced that starting with the current February issue, they will be offering a PDF version of the magazine in addition to the website version.

“When we made the step from a print digest to an online magazine, many of our readers asked us why we couldn’t do both,” said Jason Sizemore, publisher and editor of Apex Magazine. “By publishing a PDF version that will have the same look and feel as the original digest, we hope to meet those readers where they live.”

The PDF version of Apex Magazine will contain the same quality fiction and features that Apex’s readers have come to expect, but formatted in the style of the digest. In addition, each PDF will include a cover, art, and other features not available on the website.

“We’re planning to publish extra articles and essays in the PDF version as a bonus for those loyal readers who chose to support Apex,” Sizemore said. “But rest assured that all the fiction we publish will continue to appear in the online version as well.”

The PDF version of Apex Magazine will cost $2 an issue and will be distributed via email. Readers can also order a full-year subscription at a discounted price of $12. For more information on ordering the PDF version: Apex Magazine PDF

There will continue to be a free online edition as well. This month, Apex Magazine features “Dark Planet” by Lavie Tidhar and
“Cai and Her Ten-Thousand Husbands” by Gord Sellar. You’ll also find audio fiction featuring “Shaded Streams Run Clearest” by Geoffrey W. Cole, plus Permuted Press Presents: “A Plague From the Mud” by Aaron Polson, and the reprinted classic, “Tearing Down Tuesday” by Steven Francis Murphy

On the nonfiction front, you’ll find an interview with The Monster Within Idea author R. Thomas Riley, essays from Alethea Kontis and Lavie Tidhar, and Popped Culture by Justin Stewart.

Catch it all online for free here: Apex Magazine Online

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