Jhator Press is looking for submissions for a new anthology.

It’s a create your own –> dark superhero / villain anthology (Horror Dark).

Title: Heroes of Darkness: Superpower’d Tales of Terror, Vol. 1

The submissions deadline is 12/31/2012 and payment will be a free copy of the book to all accepted authors, along with free publicity.

Helpful Hints / Loose Guidelines:

  • Go crazy with these tales … the landscapes (cities, alternate realities, etc.), the time (future/past/present), and just let loose! Think so far outside of the box that you end up tearing the box to pieces, burning it and stomping on its smoldering ashes.
  • Think of powers, abilities and evils/horrors Never-Before-Seen!
  • A little bit of dark humor is ok, as well.

Length/Format: 3500 – 5500 words per tale, in Word doc format; dbl sp; 12 font. Edit to the best of your ability, prior to submitting.

Please include a cover page introducing your story and make certain to include your mailing address.

File Attachment: “Superhero_Author Name”

Send Submissions To: [email protected]

Questions / Concerns: [email protected]

Publisher: Jhator Press

Cover Artist: Robin I. Provorse

Print & e-book versions of the anthology will be created/released in Spring 2013.

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