Publisher A Book’s Mind has released Marshall Beck’s And Let There Be Darkness. The short story collection is being distributed by Brain Damage Films.

“This book is not another one of those lame-ass, self-indulged, narcissistic as hell, ‘here is another REALITY rockstar story’ biography,” says Beck. “Instead, this is 6 short stories so slam packed with fear, gore, and adrenaline it will leave you practically wanting to bang your head, if any book was ever capable.”

The collection includes:

  • A Pair of Old Friends
  • The Lady in Black
  • The Light of Elysium And… Hell’s Grim Tyrant
  • A Maternal Dilemma
  • Vivian
  • A Dog On Her Mind

The price is $7.00. You can order from Marshall Beck Horror or Brain Damage Films

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