An Interview With Tom Piccirilli
by Nickolas Cook

I’ve asked you this before at the World Horror Convention, but for those who don’t know … how did you get started writing?

The same way just about everybody does, I suppose.  I’ve written stories since I was a child and got fairly serious about it in high school.  I tried to refine my voice over my college years and sold my first novel Dark Father the summer I graduated.  Writing is really the only thing I’ve ever cared about, and it’s the thing I’ve stuck most consistently with.

Reading a Tom Piccirilli novel isn’t like any other experience.  Each story is made up of equal parts humor and terror, suspense and adventure.  Did you set out to mix the genre conventions, or was it something that came about unconsciously?

I think I’ve always tried to mix things up and try for something new every time out of the gate.  The more ingredients you have, the more you can mix them up for a slightly different taste each time.  Plus, it’s just my style to add a dash of humor to the work–I believe it adds emotional resonance and draws the reader further in, and helps to underscore the darker aspects of the work when the need arises.

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