Permuted Press has posted an interview with author Patrick D’Orazio, written by Erika Gilbert. Library of the Living Dead Press has just released the second book in D’Orazio’s zombie trilogy, titled Into The Dark, in paperback.

Description: Six weeks ago, the mysterious virus came out of nowhere and engulfed the world. Everyone infected seemed to die … then rise again. Jeff Blaine did his best to hold his family together and to protect them from the horrors scratching at their door, but in the end, they were ripped away from him like everything else that ever mattered. Lost and alone, Jeff decided his only option was to destroy as many of the monsters that stole his life away before they destroy him as well. But when he discovers Megan, George, and Jason, three other survivors not interested in giving up just yet, he reluctantly accepts that there might still be a reason to fight and live to see another day.

Traveling through the blasted landscape their world has become, the quartet discovers that the living dead aren’t the only danger with which they must cope. Even other survivors who promise safety and security from the hordes of ghouls roaming the wastelands will test loyalties and their faith in humankind. Jeff and his small band of new found friends must forge a semblance of life in the newly blighted world. And they will have only the light of their own humanity by which to navigate as everything around them descends into the dark.

Asked about how he researched his books, D’Orazio says, “I actually sat down with some National Guardsmen and grilled them on several different aspects of how they would respond and react to different scenarios. I spent several hours grilling them about equipment, weapons, their personal perspectives and what their instincts would lead them to do if the world had turned upside down. That was just part of what I felt I needed to be able to write my book, and I was very grateful for the opportunity to tap into their expertise.

“I would say that each story is different. Some require a bit of minor research to online, while others, if you are going to show the material and the reader proper respect, you need to seek out experts on the subject matter you are bring up in your story. I will admit that there is always more research that can be done on any topic, but the trick, for me at least, is to not over indulge in saturating a story with too much irrelevant data. I may fire, reload, and even clean a handgun a character of mine will use in a story, but I doubt the reader needs all that detail in my story. There has to be a balance between knowing what you are talking about and not over-indulging in minutia that doesn’t move a story forward.”

You can read the interview in its entirety here: Author Patrick D’Orazio

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