Brain Tremors is currently running an interview with Nate Kenyon. Kenyon is a relative newcomer to the horror publishing world, but you wouldn’t know it from his accolades. A multiple Bram Stoker award finalist with glowing reviews and books in both paperback and hardback limited editions, Kenyon’s kicking ass.

In addressing his writing style, Kenyon says, “It’s a constant push and pull. I’ve gone through different stages where I wrote whenever I felt inspired (younger, no family, no day job) to writing more consistently late at night (family, day job and my only real free time) to writing pretty madly through nights and weekends as deadlines approach and then easing off and focusing on other parts of my life. I think the key is to focus on one step at a time–a goal for each day, or each time you sit down to write. If I look at the big picture (oh my god, I have 70,000 words to write by WHEN???) I can freeze up and then the words get much harder.”

You can catch the interview in whole here: Nate Kenyon

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