Kit Reed is the author of Thinner Than Thou (winner of the Alex Award) and many other novels, including Thief of Lives, The Baby Merchant, The Night Children (her recently-released first young adult work), and the upcoming novel, Enclave. Reed has been a finalist for the Hugo, World Fantasy, Tiptree, and the International Horror Guild Awards. She lives Connecticut where she is Resident Writer at Wesleyan University.

In a current interview at SF Signal, Reed talks about her most recent novel, The Night Children: “I had this idea that wanted me to run with it: feral children living by night in the world’s absolutely biggest mall. Think The Mall of America, that monster mall in Minnesota and then imagine it growing geometrically and you’ll get a glimpse of what I was thinking when I created the Castertown MegaMall. The kids are strays, lost children and runaways who band together in gangs that hide by day and play by night in gazillion sectors of this huge, forever growing mall. Of course they have an enemy, the diabolical mall designer who is veeery weird and lives in the center like a black widow spider dominating the web. And of course he has evil designs…”

You can catch the complete interview here: SF Signal Interviews Kit Reed

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