Amongst The DeadSamhain Publishing has released both the paperback and digital editions of David Bernstein’s Amongst The Dead.

Description: Young and alone against the living dead.

Riley has lived alone with her dad in an isolated cabin in New York State for as long as she can remember. It’s just safer. Her dad’s told her about the time before the zombies, but she can only imagine it. Instead of playing with friends, Riley became a crack shot with a rifle. And she’ll need that skill now that her dad’s been bitten. She’ll be forced to leave the cabin and fight off zombies all on her own. She’s twelve years old. There’s a lot she’ll have to learn about the world she’s never really been part of. She already knows how to kill zombies. But now she’ll learn just how dangerous the living can be too.

About The Author: I love writing, reading and watching horror or just plain old weird stuff. I have stories in a number of anthologies and have written a few novels in the horror genre. For a list of my credits please visit: David Bernstein

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