David B. Silva has two new titles on the Kindle that are in need of reviews.

The first title is Losing Touch, a short story collection consisting of 7 stories and running 155 pages. This collection draws on three stories that originally appeared in A Little White Book of Lies plus four new stories, “And He Who Mourns,” “New To The Neighborhood,” “Through Desmond’s Eyes,” and “Trouble Follows.” The original theme of lies doesn’t cross every story, however, the theme of losing touch comes fairly close.

The full table of contents:

  • Introduction – Part One
  • Introduction – Part Two
  • And He Who Mourns
  • New To The Neighborhood
  • Never Far From Mind
  • Fade In/Fade Out
  • Through Desmond’s Eyes
  • Trouble Follows
  • Where The Past Lay Buried

The second title is a novel, The Presence. Allie Turner’s husband Max has been missing from home for nearly nine months now, and Allie is desperately struggling to hold her family – and herself – together. But things begin to fall apart when her twelve-year-old son Sean is badly burned in a fire at the abandoned lumber mill.

At the hospital, as Allie and her old son Darrell keep watch over Sean, things become increasingly difficult to handle. For Sean confides to Darrell that he encountered their father at the mill just before the fire broke out. Worse still, there as something terribly wrong with the man’s face, as if part of it had melted away.

Darrell has already had a hard time dealing with his father’s absence, and isn’t sure if he can believe Sean. But he promises to search for Max anyway.

His quest leads him to Old Miner’s Creek, where he uncovers something unbelievably terrifying. There’s a scattering of dead animals … all with the same facial disfigurement his younger brother previously described.

Yes, something strange and otherworldly has come to Kingston Mills.

Something dramatically affecting all living creatures which cross its path.

A curious, unstoppable presence of evil…

If you’re interested in receiving a PDF of either or both of these titles for review purposes, please contact the author by email: David B. Silva

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