Not only has Shane Briant starred in four Hammer horror movies and gone on to star in another 30 international films with nine oscar winners, he’s recently seen the release of his seventh novel, The Dreamhealer, by The Marburg Press. And now, he’s seen the publication of his autobiography, Always The Bad Guy.

Description: The autobiography of screen actor and novelist Shane Briant. Shane has starred in countless films all over the world, including four Hammer films and several movies of the Week in the USA. He has worked with twelve Oscar winners and nominees. This is his story, warts and all. An hilarious story of working on movies in the UK, America, Australia and New Zealand.

Briant has starred in 30 films in the U.S.A, the U.K., Europe and Australia, 14 television plays and mini series for the B.B.C. and I.T.V; and in the USA starred in 3 Prime Time networked telemovies, playing Dorian Gray in Glenn Jordan’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, a three hour special for the ABC produced by Dan Curtis; starring with Timothy Dalton in The Flame is Love for NBC; and guest starring opposite Academy Award winner Olivia de Havilland in NBC’s Murder is Easy. He worked with Paul Newman and James Mason in The Mackintosh Man, played Jack Palance’s son in Hawk the Slayer, starred opposite Academy Award winner Cliff Robertson in Shaker Run to name but a few films during this period.

Since his move to Australia he has starred in 13 feature films including Bruce Morrison’s award-winning Constance, Shaker Run, Simon Wincer’s The Lighthorsemen, Minnimurra, starring with Jeff Fahey, Mark Joffe’s Grievous Bodily Harm, and John Seale’s Till There Was You, starring with Mark Harmon and Jeroen Krabbé. He’s also made several mini series, including George Miller’s Anzacs and Pino Amenta’s Nancy Wake. Also Twisted Tales with Geoffrey Rush.

Briant is the author of 5 Australian best selling novels – The Webber Agenda (1994), The Chasen Catalyst (1996), Hitkids (2000), Bite of the Lotus (2001) and Graphic (2006) All have been optioned for film. His sixth novel, Worst Nightmares, was his debut novel in the United States. The sequel, The Dreamhealer was recently released.

Check out Briant’s autobiography: Always The Bad Guy

Check out his novel: The Dreamhealer

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