All God’s Angels, Beware! is the fourth collection of shorter fiction from Quentin S. Crisp and his strongest yet. First published as a limited collectors’ hardback edition (Ex Occidente, 2009), it is now available in paperback for the first time.

In these ten stories, Crisp takes readers from the spectral purlieus of the ghost of a suicide, searching in vain for a mortal confidante (‘Troubled Joe’), to the future melancholy of a world in the early stages of human immortality, where a holographic environment is replacing the non-holographic (Karakasa), and through a variety of intimately portrayed settings, both familiar and fantastical, to a final cri de coeur in the form of the novelette ‘Suicide Watch’, in which, against the background of the doomed present age, one suicidal loser attempts to save another.

About The Author: Quentin S. Crisp was born in 1972 in North Devon, England. He is the author of a number of volumes of short and long fiction, including Morbid Tales (Tartarus Press, 2004), Rule Dementia! (Rainfall Books, 2005), and “Remember You’re a One-Ball!” (Chômu Press, 2010). His novella Shrike (PS Publishing) was nominated for the 2009 Shirley Jackson Award.

All God’s Angels, Beware! by Quentin S. Crisp is coming from Chômu Press in September.

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