La maison des viscères enters the francophone literary scene with its first book: Agonies. Being the only French Canadian publisher specializing in horror litterature, the company will publish texts often judged too extreme or experimental by other publishers.

The launch party for Agonies will take place on November 26th in Montreal. Co-publishers Frédéric Raymond and Alamo St-Jean will be present, along with the three authors featured in the anthology: Ariane Gélinas, Pierre-Luc Lafrance and Jonathan Reynolds.

“Our books will offer a window on other aspects of horror for fans of big name authors such as Patrick Senécal or Stephen King,” says Mr. Raymond, co-founder of La maison des viscères.

The co-founders of the new publishing house are pleased to notice the eagerness for their first book. “We did a pre-order on the book and the results went beyond our expectations,” declared Mr. St-Jean, co-publisher. “We hope this anthology will satiate our readers’ bloodlust.”

La maison des viscères hopes to benefit from the popularity of ebooks to open new horizons for fans of horror. As most publishers slowly head towards ebooks, La maison des viscères fully embraces this technology and will offer its books on different platforms and formats. It wants to make the French Canadian horror scene more accessible. Notably, the books are offered in both ebook and paper format on their website. Ebooks will soon be offered in different online shops.

The Authors

Ariane Gélinas was born in Mauricie. She published around thirty short stories and demi-dozen articles in magazines such as Solaris, Virages, Postures and Zinc. Her first book, L’enfant sans visage, was published at Éditions XYZ in spring 2011.

Pierre-Luc Lafrance lives in Beauce. He published a few books, most notable are the novella L’Ombre de la bête, the fantastic short stories anthology L’Arracheur de rêves, four novels for youth adults and a fable for children.

Jonathan Reynolds comes from Estrie; he is the co-founder of the Six Brumes publishing house. He published two short story anthologies, Silencieuses and Épitaphes, two novels, Ombres and Nocturne, two novellas, La nuit du tueur and La légende de McNeil, as well as three horror novels for children.

You can pick up the French Kindle edition here: Agonies

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