International Aeon Award competition has announced the winning stories of 2008. Grand Judge Ian Watson has chosen the first, second and third place stories from the top seven shortlisted stories. They are:

First place and winner of €1,000:
Twinkle Twinkle – Colin Henchley

Second place and winner of €200:
Aegis – D.T. Neal

Third place and winner of €100:
The Better To See You With – Allison Francisco

The names of all the shortlisted authors are given below:

Extracts from a Three Volume Novel – Ian Wild Inventions – Alex Carnevale
Sundays Off – Gerard Farrell
The Hot Chocolate Rocket – Martin Belderson
The Trapped Tailcoat – Ian Wild
Doors – Julian West
Shadow Pains – Kelvin M Knight
Lessons In Love – Kelvin M Knight
Breaking the Mould – Steven J. Hopley
Escher – Helgard de Barros
The Walnut Tree – Malcolm Bray
Stay Special – Susan Lanigan
Hot Chocolate – Susan Lanigan
Regret Me Not – Jennifer Harwood Smith
55286 – Jennifer Harwood Smith
Come The Spring – Ahmed Jamel
Swan Wing – Joanne Mills
YoYo – Romily McNulty
Hood – Alice Godwin
You, Me and Them – Alexis Boddy
A Bump in the Night – Nakia Johnson
The Horror of Life – Clive Maxwell-Yates
Dreamscape – Matt Bone
Windproject NX104 – Anne Lente
Convicts – Robert Boumis
The Firebird – Roshni Beeharry
Lies – Kelly Harmon
The Den Ghost – Eleanor Thom
Went Wrong – Jeff Nottingham
Doorways – Catherine Edmunds
The Fatal Book – Loren Rhoads
The Flower Builder – Bernadette Owens
The Paper Garden – T. E. Peploe
Thirstlands – Nick Wood
Facing Demons – Nigel Plane
iDementia – Helmut Obermeir
The Cursed – Lisa Clarkson

Congratulations to the winners and to all the shortlisted authors, whose stories stood out and caught the judges attention. Don’t forget, the Aeon Award 2009 is now open to submissions. Grand Prize is €1,000, second prize €200 and third prize €100 and publication in Albedo One.

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