Can two days change the way you think about digital books? The Advanced Publishing Institute (API) at the NYU-SCPS Center for Publishing will help you go back to school to learn about the future. You will engage in informative classroom discussion and work in our state-of-the-art computer labs, practicing what all those other conferences preach. We offer hands-on, practical course content that is taught by experienced Center for Publishing faculty members and other leading media executives. Immerse yourself in Digital Publishing. Meet and mingle with industry peers. Master new skills and get ready for what’s next in digital books.

An elite, concentrated, two-day program with limited enrollment of no more than 100 mid- to senior-level publishing professionals seeking to learn more about the transition from print to digital. Key topics include business strategies, change management, and practical case studies. Focus on classroom-based learning, including:

  • Strategy sessions on workflow, discoverability, and good (and bad) metadata
  • Understanding optimum pathways for marketing and sales data analysis
  • Navigating the rapidly-changing world of digital rights and permissions
  • Learning what booksellers need from editors, marketers, and everyone else on the publishing team
  • Hands-on laboratory time practicing key digital functions including web analytics, social media, and EPUB production
  • Networking opportunities at lunchtime, breaks, and post-session reception
  • Case studies of successful digital book campaigns

Who Should Attend: Editors, marketers, agents, authors, sales staff, and other mid-to senior-level publishing professionals eager to expand and enhance their knowledge of digital books and the integration of print and digital.

Learn more: The Advanced Publishing Institute

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