Abraham RoadKristopher Kelly has released his novella, Abraham Road, on the Kindle.

Description: Novelistic in scope, Abraham Road follows two brothers who escape a violent attack by their father in a slate quarry. They then struggle to journey back home for answers and vengeance.

“This is what we do to bad things.”

A violent attack in a slate quarry leaves one brother badly wounded and the other, fifteen-year-old Alec Leary, far from home, alone and lost in the remote Maine woods. Enlisting the help of strangers, he struggles to return home to Abraham Road to seek revenge on the person who tried to kill him: his father.

Heartbreaking and pulse-pounding, this horrific novella is novelistic in scope and will keep you on the edge of your seat until its final shocking pages.

You can pick up this Kindle-only novella for only $.99 here: Abraham Road

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