Nodens Books has announced its first publication, a collection of Evangeline Walton’s ten fantasy short stories, Above Ker-Is and Other Stories, with an Introduction and notes by Douglas A. Anderson. Evangeline Walton (1907-1996) is renown for her Mabinogion tetralogy, and three other novels. She won the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award in 1973 for The Song of Rhiannon, the third-published volume of the four Mabinogion books, and 1989 won the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement.

Above Ker-Is and Other Stories collects ten fantasy stories, including three superb Breton tales. Four are published here for the first time.

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Douglas A. Anderson

“Above Ker-Is”
“The Judgment of St. Yves”
“The Mistress of Kaer-Mor”
“The Tree of Perkunas”
“The Ship from Away”
“At the End of the Corridor”
“They That Have Wings”
“The Other One”
Story Notes

Above Ker-Is and Other Stories is available in three formats, a trade paperback, and two hardcover versions (both only available via, one a casebound hardcover without dust-wrapper, and the other a cloth bound hardcover with dust-wrapper.

You can pick it up from Amazon here: Above Ker-Is

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