abaddon_booksTaken from the press release:

Co-written with Nik Vincent for Abaddon Books, Fiefdom  will be set in the world of Dan Abnett’s 2000 AD comics series Kingdom.

Fiefdom will be set 100 years after the events of Kingdom, in which genetically-engineered dog-soldiers fought giant marauding insects in a post-apocalyptic future.

Abaddon commissioning editor David Moore said: “I can’t stress enough how exciting this is! Abaddon’s new forays into the many worlds of 2000 AD have done brilliantly, both in terms of the stories we’ve produced and the readers’ responses to them, and Dan Abnett’s something of a legend, and Nik and Dan are extraordinarily talented storytellers to boot. If you’re not as thrilled as I am right now, you should probably be a little tiny bit ashamed.”

Abaddon Books, an imprint of Rebellion Publishing the parent publisher of 2000 AD comics and graphic novels, has been expanding its 2000 AD fiction line. Recent e-first hits Judge Dredd Year One: City Fathers and The Cold Light of Day are to be joined by Strontium Dog and Judge Anderson: Rookie ebooks. Kingdom: Fiefdom will launch in both paperback and ebook editions in July 2014.


In the isolated wastelands of the southern hemisphere, Gene the Hackman and his fellow Aux listen to the voices of The Masters as humanity hibernates, awaiting the destruction of the indescribably alien Them. In Fiefdom, the action moves into the future and into the northern hemisphere, where Them are a folk memory and the Aux have interbred, creating clans and families that war with one another in the ruins of what was once Berlin.  Inspired by the legendary tales of Gene, young Evelyn War begins to question the Aux’s situation as she hears the first rumors about the return of Them.

Abnett co-created Kingdom with artist Richard Elson, and the comics have been collected into two graphic novel collections, Kingdom: The Promised Land, and Kingdom: Call of the Wild.

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