A Visit With Joe Bob Briggs
Interviewer: Nickolas Cook

1.  How did you get your start in satirical writing?

I was a smartass from an early age. The original “Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In” columns were in the early eighties, when I sneaked them into the Dallas Times Herald.

2.  You mention Mark Twain as one of your major inspirations.  Who else do you consider a mentor or inspiration?

Ambrose Bierce. H.L. Mencken. You might notice the common denominator here: they have Attitude.

3.  You’ve worked for cable television in the past with MONSTERVISION.  How do you think the censorship standards have changed over the years?  Do you think there’s a pattern to be discerned from the vagaries?

Well, for years there was a “too grisly for cable” list that included the original “Texas Chain Saw Massacre.” That film was shown on cable in the year 2000 and the remake of it, which is much more graphic, has been shown constantly on cable. So I think the standards have definitely been loosened.

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