On Saturday, July 12 from 3pm-6pm, Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester on 65 James Street invites three authors of thrilling, dark fiction—some fantastical, some not—to hang out and celebrate their latest releases at the store. Errick Nunnally, Jennifer Allis Provost, and Bracken MacLeod are all members of New England Horror Writers; they generally get together to cause the fun type of trouble at events and conventions. And all three of them happen to have new releases!

Errick Nunnally’s urban fantasy Blood for the Sun lives more on the horror side of town, featuring a werewolf with Alzheimer’s helping out the Boston PD with a potential vampire threat.

Jennifer Allis Provost’s future city in Copper Ravens, a sequel to last year’s Copper Girl, is a dystopic one but still within the realm of fantastical, with a gateway to the Otherworld, including elves and underground elemental magic.

Bracken MacLeod’s prosecutor in White Knight may not have magic or the supernatural on his side, but he has his own dragon to escape, damsel to rescue, and lost child to find.

Come join us at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester for a dark and crazy afternoon on Saturday, July 12, from 3-6PM.

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