Peter Crowther of PS Publishing reports: “It seems one of our staff (i.e. me) has screwed up — the agreement for Philip José Farmer’s and Danny Adams’s The City Beyond Play was always for Phil and Danny to sign just 126 sheets. You can therefore imagine the understandable surprise when some 800 of the blighters plopped resoundingly onto Phil’s mat (destroying a few floor-tiles in the process). Thus, bearing in mind our need to balance income against expenditure on every project, we’ve had to do a little re-adjusting of the pricing structure on this book … PLUS we’ve introduced a 26-copy slipcased edition.”

So, here’s the new edition and pricing information from PS Publishing:

Title: The City Beyond Play
Authors: Philip José Farmer and Danny Adams
Introduction: Chris Roberson
Afterword: Tracy Knight
Cover Artist: Dominic Harman
Slipcased hardcover (26 lettered copies) £175 / $325
Hardcover (100 copies) £40 / $75
Paperback (500 copies) £10 / $18
Publication Date: Early 2007

For more information, check out their website: PS Publishing

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