The last time Cemetery Dance published a John Shirley book, it was Spider Moon, a gritty novella of wild hopes and shattered dreams. Demons, now under option by the Weinsteins for director Jim Sonzero, was his first CD book. His new novel, The Other End is nothing like either one but is still inimitably and distinctly a work that no other author could have created. Like most all of his fiction it wakes people up. Even if you’ve read his couple of dozen novels and numerous short stories — and thus been confronted with visceral horror, stung with the snap and snarl of his groundbreaking cyberpunk, introduced to the denizens of some very dark streets, and been taken right over several edges — The Other End will take you to yet another reality.

Now Cemetery Dance is running a Paula Guran interview with John Shirley about this controversial new novel. You can read it here: The Other End

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