Author David B. Silva is offering a free gift that keeps on giving. On his website, you can sign up to receive a free short story every week, delivered in the form of a PDF with a link contained inside an email he’ll send you.

“Most of these stories have seen publication at one time or another,” says Silva. “And readers will likely be familiar with several of them. But the vast majority should be new to most readers – yes, I confess, I’m not as well-known as King, Koontz, Straub, Hill, etc.”

Silva writes stories on the edge of the horror genre, often with a touch of mystery and wonder. He invites you to join him in worlds that are often not what they first appear. You never know what you’ll encounter behind closed drapes, locked doors, hidden family histories.

“What have you got to lose? Sign up and every 7 days I’ll send you a free short story to read. You’ll even receive an occasional story that’s never seen publication before. If you enjoy the stories, I’ll keep sending them. If you don’t, you can opt out and the stories will stop coming. It’s that simple.”

You can sign up on his website here (check the upper right hand column) and receive your first, free short story immediately: David B. Silva

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