A Celebration of the Work of

Lucius Shepard

hosted by

Ellen Datlow and Robert Killheffer


Earlier this year we lost a supremely talented writer, an artist of rare genius and luminous prose, whose work knocked the socks off a generation of readers and fellow writers but remains regrettably (though not entirely) underappreciated outside the bounds of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror community that claimed him as its own. Join us for a night of fond remembrance and readings from the wondrous work he left us with, and raise a glass or two to the memory of Lucius Shepard.


At KGB Bar


Readings from Lucius’s work by

Katherine Dunn

Laird Barron

Alice K. Turner

Mark Jacobson

Jack Womack

John Langan

Jack Haringa

and others

Sunday, June 15, 2014 at 7 PM


85 East 4th Street

New York, NY

(just off 2nd Ave, upstairs)

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