BoxOfBooBoxSet3dpi300A box set of four supernatural and horror thrillers from international bestselling author Scott Nicholson. 245,000 words of fiction for one low price.   You can get it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, but only through October 19!
“Always surprises and always entertains.” – Jonathan Maberry, Patient Zero

“Like Stephen King, he knows how to summon serious scares.” – Bentley Little, The Burning

Includes the full text of:

THE HOME- Experimental treatments at a group home for troubled children stir up paranormal activity. In development as a feature film.

MEAT CAMP- An infection at a camp for delinquent teens turns them into bloodthirsty killers. Written with J.T. Warren and adapted from Scott’s original screenplay.

SPIDER WEB- A vampire battles a powerful witch doctor who wants to turn passengers of a cruise ship into zombies. The second book in the Spider series, written with J.R. Rain.

AFTER: THE SHOCK- A devastating solar storm wipes out the Earth’s infrastructure and kills billions. As the survivors struggle to adapt, they discover some among them have…changed. The first book in the AFTER post-apocalyptic series.

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