More than 112 years after he first climbed out of the coffin, the world’s most famous vampire is back — and he’s bloodier than ever.

Dracula the Un-Dead, released this month in the United States, is a sequel to Bram Stoker’s 1897 classic written by Dacre Stoker, the original author’s great-grandnephew.

The book, co-written by Dracula historian Ian Holt, picks up 25 years after the Victorian-era monster is supposedly killed in the original and is based in part on 125 pages of handwritten notes that Bram Stoker left behind.

But while many of the original characters are here — troubled couple Jonathan and Mina Harker and vampire hunter Van Helsing among them — the horror has gotten a 21st-century update. The sex and violence that Stoker deftly alluded to in the original are, at times, front and center in his descendant’s sequel.

Catch the full article on CNN: A Bloodier Dracula

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