6FtPlus6FtPlus a horror podcast with spooky music and more, has a very special treat for your Halloween listening. A mammoth sized episode, involving various members of other podcasts, including Strange Jason, Tomb Dragomir (Tomb TV/Rue Morgue Radio), Miguel Rodriguez and the gang from A Monster Island Resort, Dr.Gangrene, Psychobilly Gardner, The Insideout podcast, Monstermatt Patterson and more!

This episode is part audio play that centers around mysterious notes left around the party hall, that bear the warning: “It Is Coming!” Is it a Halloween Phantom? Is it a Trick or a Treat? There are many questions that wind up getting answered in the climax of the episode. What is the mystery? Find out!

Taking place in the town of Leathbridge, this episode of 6?+ centers around the GdL16 crew as they prepare for the festivities of the Gravedigger’s Local 16 Halloween Party at Union Hall. The Intern is determined to generate a local Halloween legend, since there isn’t one specific to Leathbridge. Strange Jason just wants the party to go without a hitch, which doesn’t seem likely when foreboding notes reading IT IS COMING start to pop up everywhere. What do they mean and will everyone get out alive to see another Halloween?

Catch it online for free here: 6FtPlus Halloween Special

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