The World Fantasy Convention 2013 has announced that The David Gemmell Awards For Fantasy will herald a weekend of exceptional events at the convention in Brighton, England.

Designed to raise public awareness of the Fantasy genre, celebrate the history and cultural importance of Fantasy literature, and appreciate and reward excellence in the field, the awards commemorate the legacy of British author David Gemmell and his contribution to the Fantasy genre.

First presented in 2009, each year the Gemmell Awards endow the Legend Award – a majestic ‘Snaga’ battleaxe – for Best Fantasy Novel; the Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Debut, and the Ravenheart Award for Best Fantasy Artwork/Bookjacket. Voting is FREE and open to anyone in the world, so go to the DGA website for more information.

Previous DGA winners are Olof Erla Einarsdottir, Didier Graffet & Dave Senior, Darius Hinks, Helen Lowe, Graham McNeill, Pierre Pevel, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Andrzej Sapkowski and Raymond Swanland.

For one year only, the glittering Gemmell Awards ceremony and reception will be held on the evening of Thursday, October 31st as a gala curtain-raiser to World Fantasy Convention 2013. Admittance is open to all members of the DGA and WFC 2013.

As the Gemmell Awards will be presented at the end of October next year, and not in mid-June as usual, the organisers will be changing the voting cycle to accommodate the new date. To remain informed of the changes, please check the DGA website, where you can also sign-up for a free newsletter.

The DGA is a not-for-profit organization, which operates through the goodwill of its volunteers, sponsors and friends.

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