The 2007 Scriptwriters Showcase is on our calendar for April 20 through April 22, 2007. The 24 A-List discussion panels cover topics such as feature film, television, storytelling and comedy writing, including:

Scare Tactics – One of the best ways to leave a permanent impression on an audience is to scare them out of their seats. Join Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Jonathan Craven (The Hills Have Eyes II), Carl Ellsworth (Red Eye) and Stephen Susco (The Grudge) and learn from the masters how they do it.

Battle Scars – Andrea Berloff (World Trade Center), Bobby Moresco (Crash) and Diana Ossana (Brokeback Mountain) will share their most inspiring “war stories” of seeing a project through to completion.

Writing the Superhero – They leap tall buildings, save the world and often, rock the box-office. Simon Kinberg (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) and Zak Penn (X-Men: The Last Stand) have created some of the biggest onscreen super heroes of the last decade. Come find out what special powers they use to write a blockbuster. See the complete list of speakers and panels at: Showcase

Event attendance is limited to only 999 people. Register at: Scriptwriters Showcase

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