Ellen Datlow  provided us with some great pictures from this month’s Fantastic Fiction at KGB reading.  For those of you unfamiliar with this event, it is held the third Wednesday of every month at KGB bar in NYC.  For more information on the event just visit the KGB Fantastic Fiction website by clicking here.  This month’s event featured Kiini Ibura Salaam reading a short story from her Tiptree Award winning collection and Felix Gilman reading from his forthcoming novel, The Revolutions.

To see the pictures from this great event, just click here.

Felix Gilman has published four novels, and short fiction in a variety of places including Weird Tales and Tor.com.  His recent duology The Half-Made World and The Rise of Ransom City has been described as “a sepia-toned panorama of eccentric and moving Western characters” by Salon.  His next book, The Revolutions, is a story of Victorian occultism and spiritual space travel; it comes out in April from Tor.


Kiini Ibura Salaam is a writer, painter, and traveler from New Orleans, now living in New York. She has been widely published in such anthologies as the Dark MatterMojo: Conjure Stories, and Colonize This!, as well as in EssenceUtne Reader, and Ms. magazines. Her short story collection Ancient, Ancient won the 2012 James Tiptree, Jr. award, and contains sensual tales of the fantastic, the dark, and the magical. Her micro-essays on writing can be found at www.kiiniibura.com.


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